Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a pre-filter?
Pre-filters are designed to keep out larger particles of street debris such as rubber, dirt and sand from getting into and clogging the pleats of air filter elements. Premature clogging of an air filter will result in loss of horsepower and an increase in service intervals. Our pre-filters are uniquely designed to protect your engine and the performance air filter investment without sacrificing airflow or horsepower. Particles as small as .005" are filtered out extending filter life. Even in harsh conditions, including heavy moisture, a pre-filter will enhance your filters ability to continue flowing the necessary air required for maximum performance while reducing the possibility of water ingestion into the engine. Proper use of a pre-filter will save money on filter cleanings or replacements and extend engine life. Some customers report increased fuel efficiency.

Will adding a pre-filter reduce my airflow or horsepower?
Adding a pre-filter will not have any significant reduction in airflow (independent lab test results available upon request). Most Performance air filters allow more air in than the engine can actually handle. In fact, our pre-filter keeps your primary filter cleaner for a longer period of time allowing your engine the ability to sustain its original airflow and horsepower for an extended amount of miles and time. Many of our customers claim they have also noticed an improvement in fuel efficiency. This may simply be attributed to the fact that they are keeping their air filter cleaner.

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How long will the pre-filter last?
This will depend entirely on driving conditions and the amount of miles driven. Generally speaking, we recommend changing the pre-filter every 6-12 months. Your pre-filter will deflect debris for a longer period of time, however the water repellent feature will be less effective over time and cleanings. If your vehicle or driving conditions expose your filter to extreme moisture or splashes of water, we highly recommend changing your pre-filter every 6-12 months.

Can I re-use the pre-filter?
Yes. Our pre-filters are washable and reusable. Depending upon driving conditions, it may be washed and re-installed over and over again. We recommend, depending on driving conditions, you replace the pre-filter every 6-12 months to maintain the proper filtration and water repellency.

Do you provide any kind of guarantee?
"I guarantee that we can double the life of your air filter.  We stand behind our product and if you are not satisfied contact us."  Returns accepted with approval.

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